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The Effects of GliSODin Skin Nutrients Advanced Skin Britening and Dermal Formula on Facial Skin Hyperpigmentation and Erythema





Res Rep Urol.


Background: GliSODin Skin Nutrients' (GSN) Advanced Skin Brightening Formula and Advanced Anti Aging/Dermal Formula are nutricosmetics developed to address skin pigmentation and inflammation, respectively, in addition to other cosmetic and functional skin issues.

Objective: This study will objectively evaluate the change in facial skin erythema and pigmentation from usage of the Dermal and Skin Brightening Formulae to confirm clinical efficacy.

Method: A 90-day multicenter randomized, placebo-controlled, single-blinded clinical trial of 36 participants with a history of either facial photodamage or an inflammatory skin condition. Participants were randomized into 4 treatment groups: GSN Advanced Skin Brightening Formula (SB) group, SB placebo group, GSN Advanced Anti Aging/Dermal Formula (DF) group, or DF placebo group. Pigmentation was assessed using VECTRA XT 3D images taken at days 0, 30 and 90 of treatment. Participant skin satisfaction was evaluated with 100 mm visual analog scale (VAS) questionnaires completed on days 0 and 90.

Results: No significant changes in total pigmentation occurred at 30 days in any of the treatment groups (p>0.05). After 90 days of treatment, total redness in the DF group was reduced from $2.20 12.57% to 44.96 ± 9.24% (p 0.008). Total brown pigmentation was reduced from 73.77 ± 12.69% to 69.15 13.56% (p = 0.042) in the SB group, with a decrease in total dark spots from 20,47 16.57 to 13.76 12.04 (p=0.010). No significant changes in total redness or brown pigmentation occurred in either the DF or SB control groups (p=0.75 and 0.89). At 90 days, VAS scores were significantly improved for radiance, brown spots and dryness in the DF group, with no significant changes in the placebo group. Radiance, softness and overall quality scores were significantly improved in the SB group. The SB placebo group reported significant improvements in brown spot and dryness scores.

Conclusion: This study suggests that DF and SB provide significant clinical benefits in the reduction of facial erythema and hyperpigmentation. Introduction Facial erythema and hyperpigmentation are common cosmetic


October 27, 2022



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